Grocery Automated Pickup

Simply order online and pick up your shopping order at a time that suits you without having to wait in any line. Wouldn't that be great? Viscon Logistics designed and engineered an automated pick-up point capable of retrieving customer grocery orders in as little as 45 seconds!

Quick and Convenient

From speed to ease-of-use, Viscon's automated pick-up point gives customers a frictionless pickup that mirrors the online shopping experience. This unmanned pick-up point allows customers to drive up to the site, scan a QR code and collect their goods, which have been ordered online before.

Reach potential customers on the go

This new shopping channel provides retailers new ways to reach potential customers on-the-go at collection locations, without having to invest in a traditional store. Designed to deliver refrigerated, frozen as well as general merchandise orders, the pick-up point can be deployed as a standalone pickup location. It can also deploy as an extension to existing retail locations.

Automated process

The automated system takes care of the entire product flow inside the building: ranging from the infeed of the sorted goods up to the outfeed of the order and everything in between. Many different product carriers can flow through the system due to our patented carriers which are suitable for crates, cartons other small goods. The system can process hundreds of orders per hour due to the integrated software.

Are you looking to implement a new grocery pickup program? Our automated pickup solutions meet any grocers' unique need.

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Get in touch

Contact our specialist Wouter van den Berg directly.

Phone: +31 (0) 78 673 9898


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