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Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis automation

The last few years have seen a significant increase in commercial cannabis growing, thanks to the gradual legalization of medical marijuana. Viscon offers solutions in every part of the commercial cultivation process. Including tissue culture, irrigation systems, curing & drying machines, marijuana trimming machines, processing equipment, seed-to-sale software and more.

Our expertise has been cultivated over decades of experience, pioneering automation throughout the horticultural sector. The commercial cannabis industry is at the start of a new era. Viscon is the perfect partner for companies looking to optimize and scale in the medical marijuana market by providing a one-stop-shop of turnkey automation systems.


Cannabis tissue culture

The cultivation of young medical marijuana plants is a crucial and delicate part of the overall process. Viscon’s R&D and expertise enables several options at this stage. Multiplication by tissue culture can be facilitated using state-of-the-art technologies. Custom solutions are designed to fit the specs of the current cannabis growing system, no matter the cultivation media or scale.

We provide our customers with an optimal cannabis tissue culture system, through our turn-key laboratories. Fully equipped with climate & airflow control, LED lighting and cultivation consumables, all supporting Viscon’s revolutionary and patented growing method.

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Cannabis cloning & hemp seeding

Commercial cannabis cloning is taken to the next level by our cutting-edge transplanting lines (handling 10.000 clones/hr). Clones can be inserted in biodegradable cartridges for an efficient and uniform result.

The cultivation of hemp can be automated with seeding equipment. Viscon’s automated seeding lines for hemp are the best cannabis growing equipment in the industry. The machines are optimized on accuracy and capacity, suitable for even the largest facilities.

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Industrial hemp & marijuana farming

Whether you are cultivating industrial hemp outdoors, or medical marijuana in a high-tech greenhouse, Viscon provides solutions. Our technologies are applicable on any kind of growing medium (soil, rockwool, etc.) and can be fully automated.

The cannabis growing equipment line-up contains state-of-the-art grading and transplanting lines, cultivation tables, internal transport solutions, and irrigation equipment. The technology can be linked together and connected to control software, to allow for scalability and oversight in any industrial hemp farm.

Cannabis drying & curing machines

An important part of growing medicinal cannabis is to properly cure the crops. Viscon has developed industrial drying chambers, that are equipped to handle large quantities of cannabis crops.

The hemp drying machines can be fully synchronized with the rest of the cultivation and processing automation, resulting in a highly efficient supply chain. Viscon’s cannabis curing equipment ensures that crops are dried for the right period of time and handled at the optimal temperature.

Cannabis trimming & packaging machines

Post-harvest processing is a substantial and labour-intensive part of cannabis production. That also means that it holds plenty of opportunities for optimization. We have developed technologies at every stage of the process, to maximize the potential efficiency gains.

Viscon uses its experience in factory automation to build fully automated cannabis trimming machines and de-budding lines. Other equipment includes inspection/sorting lines, medical marijuana packaging machines and more.

Cannabis edibles

In collaboration with our partner, OTC Candy, we can set-up a fully automated edibles production, from concept development to packaged product. Utilize your cannabis plants in the most profitable way, by producing hemp gummies, CBD, medicinal edibles, vitamins and more.

Furthermore, we can continuously improve upon recipes and production methods, through our Innovation Centre. By constantly investing in R&D we can realize a product capable of dominating the edible cannabis market, together with our customers.

Industrial washing

Proper cleaning and hygiene are important requirements of any factory automation, cannabis production included. Through our partner, Unifortes, we provide industrial grade cleaning systems to handle all the trays, crates, totes, bins & pallets used throughout the medical marijuana growing and processing.

Just like Viscon, Unifortes has become a market leader in industrial cleaning through years of experience in numerous industries. The washers and dryers are optimized for water usage, throughput time and, of course, cleanliness. All the Unifortes machines are designed in a modular fashion, so they can seamlessly fit any commercial cannabis production.

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Cannabis cultivation software

In order to comply with rules and regulations in national and international cannabis markets, businesses need to precisely track their crops, products and inventory. Viscon’s Factory Intelligence Software is the perfect solution, enabling full traceability and control over every cannabis plant.

Moreover, we can link all production and processing machinery to inventory management systems. This allows our customers to effortlessly track their yields, inventories, throughput times, lost products and more. The importance of cannabis growing software exponentially increases with scale, becoming essential for large-scale cannabis productions.

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Consultancy and R&D support

Reliable support is an underrated part of running an automated industrial hemp farm or a large-scale cannabis growing facility. Viscon continuously helps customers overcome challenges in their production, through consultancy and R&D.

Our team of industry-experts are experienced in providing support on all levels. Whether you require consultancy on optimizing logistics, developing unique growth protocols, or training teams to handle new machinery and software.

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End-to-end solutions for commercial cannabis cultivation

On top of Viscon’s in-house expertise, projects can be supplemented with input from our partners and preferred suppliers wherever necessary. This seamless integration offers our customers the total package of cannabis growing equipment, systems & software. Truly optimizing your end-to-end process.

All projects are supervised by a dedicated project manager, facilitating the communication between the customer and all the partners involved. This approach is essential for end-to-end projects in every industry, including medical marijuana growing ventures. At Viscon, we ensure proper management and monitoring by offering constant support, globally, in both remote and local form.

Medicinal Cannabis

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In this Viscon TV episode, we have invited industry experts, as well as some of our in house specialists to discuss the key trends in cannabis cultivation. The episode covers topics from micropropagation to the implementation of seed-to-sale software. Learn more about how tissue culture has become a game changer in the industry and the impact that genetics can have on crop production.

Our guests talk about the main trends in the developing marijuana market, as well as how to utilize these trends as opportunities for your plant factory. Below is the highlight video, click in the banner above to watch the full studio session, or listen to the podcast on spotify.

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