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Easy trials with multi-layer LED trolleys

Multi-layer growing under light is catching on. Commercial options are entering the market and multi layer techniques are rapidly advancing. Before investing in a multi-layer system it is recommended to do some research first: In what form would multi-layer growing improve your business model? Visser Horti Systems offers you a solution to find your way into the world of multi layer growing systems.

What is D-Light

D-light is a cultivation trolley, which can be used for production but also for research and development. The D-Light trolley contains 6 different layers, which bring you a plug-and-play solution for trials of different light spectrums. In addition, D-Light provides you with options for plant production: germination, young plant production, buffering of cuttings and finished plants.

✓ Test different light spectrums on every layer
✓ Layers can be adjusted to every height you wish
✓ Based on the Danish trolley
✓ Light intensity is adjustable per layer

Easy & Effective watering

The Aqua D-Light watering system is our newest addition to the D-Light multi layer growing system. D-Light acknowledges the need for an easy and effective way to provide your plants with a sufficient amount of water. Aqua D-Light provides you with an automatic system to water plants based on ebb and flow. The Aqua D-Light is an innovative watering robot which visits each individual D-Light trolley. The robot will water all layers of an individual trolley simultaneously.

Research & Development

Before investing in a multi layer system you want to do significant research which system fits you the most. D-Light offers you everything you need for the initial phase: what plants are suitable, which light spectrum is best and how long can I grow the plants in a multi layer system? Our brand new fully automated Ebb and Flow system enables you to test your watering strategies on the go.

✓ Test different light spectrums on every layer
✓ Test your preferred watering strategy
✓ Easy and cost efficient to get started


After gathering relevant data with the R&D trolley you are ready to take the next steps in multi layer growing. The D-Light production modules are a perfect solution to improve your cultivation process and storage. D-Light is suitable for germination, young plant production and buffering of cuttings and finished plants.

✓ Fully automated watering process
✓ Easy and effective watering on large scales
✓ Based on the Danish trolley, suited for standard transport

Aqua D-Light

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Floris Berghout
Global Sales Manager | Viscon Plant Technology & Hydroponics

Floris Berghout

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