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Potting machine

Mayer TM 2700XL

The Mayer TM 2700 is designed as a robust high-performance potting machine with a production capacity of up to 10,000 pots per hour. The pot console offers enough space for potting for up to 5 persons or a planting robot. The 26 'VarioFix' pot holders are quickly and easily adjustable.

  • Up to 10,000 pots/hour
  • Easy changeover to different type of pots
  • Reliable & durable
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Mayer TM 2700XL

The Mayer TM 2700XL is easy to work with as a constant pot support level eliminates the need for continuous readjustments. The adjustability of the individual potholders makes the replacement per pot size unnecessary and thus saves costly space-consuming storage. The exact guidance of the raceway is done by a maintenance-free special belt.

As with the chain elevator, a potentiometer can adjust the speed continuously. The ingenious curve milling of the shift drum guarantees a smooth operation. The desired drilling pattern is thus maintained and an essential prerequisite for smooth working with planting robots. The unique 2-step soil return system protects the substrate structure and, at the same time, protects the machine from wear. The excess substrate is fed back into the soil bunker directly after the drilling process and is not carried along the entire pot path.

The Mayer TM 2700XL is a perfect combination with the Pic-O-Mat PFS-8. Transplant up to 10,000 plants per hour using eight independently servo-controlled grippers. The Pic-O-Mat PFS-8 transplanter for pots has impressive speed, flexibility, and ease of use that matches the potting machine.

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