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Potting machine

Mayer TM 2432E

The Mayer TM 2432E can process round pots from Ø 12 cm to Ø 32 cm and square pots with an edge length of 8 to 22 cm. Therefore, this new development is particularly interesting for the tree nursery industry. The 14-cycle turntable and elevator are frequency-controlled and can fill up to 3,000 pots per hour.

  • For larger pots and containers
  • Easy changeovers
  • Perfect for tree nursery
Floris Berghout
Floris Berghout | Global Sales Manager

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Mayer TM 2432E

The Mayer TM 2432E has a wide range of options, such as a frequency-controlled drill motor, elevator and turntable stop, and an innovative touchscreen with pot size memory to make your job look easy.

The robust and durable potting machine is best used for nurseries and perennial farms. The extremely low design ensures maximum ergonomics at the turntable. A jerk-free turntable movement and high running smoothness are guaranteed even at high production rates.  The machine is equipped with an electronically adjustable speed elevator and turntable by frequency converter. Central quick adjustment of pot sizes and height is made easy by using a ratchet, and a wide range of round and square pots can be used. The three-part stainless steel soil chutes for exact metering of the additional substrate on the turntable center.

The Mayer TM 2432E is a perfect combination with the PC11-2 transplanter. It is possible to plant up to 3.000 plants per hour without damaging the plants or roots with the PC11-2 transplanting machine.

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Soil hopper



Filling larger pots up to 32 cm

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