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Breeding & Micropropagation

Tissue culture production

Whether experienced with tissue culture or new to the plant tissue culture world, we provide everything to build a complete cutting-edge tissue culture laboratory. We provide a turnkey solution from the design of your facility to climate-controlled multilayer propagation rooms, labor-saving automation, worker equipment, growing consumables and in-house training.

  • From design to realization
  • State-of-the-art TC labs
  • Consultancy and protocol development
Tissue Culture Labs

Form design to realization

Turnkey solution

Plant factory design

We design a complete layout for your plant factory. We have extensive experience creating the most efficient tissue culture laboratory areas, such as the preparation area, media filling and seeding area, plant material process area, and multi-layer rooting and hardening area.

Cultivation consumables

The key to our system is the ViTray, an innovative semi-closed packaging in which the plants are grown. The plants can develop pre-hardened ex-vitro roots as rooting and hardening of the plants happen simultaneously. Additional watering isn’t necessary during the growing process, reducing infection risks.

Cultivation consumables

Multi-layer propagation

The ViCabin is a climate chamber in which humidity, temperature, and CO2 values can be set to achieve accurate and uniform growing conditions. The ViTrolley with diffused LED panels creates the ideal light spectrum and conditions for your plants. This helps you achieve uniform, quality plants and accelerates the cultivation process.

Climate chambers & LED Trolleys

Lab automation

Because of our extensive experience in automation we can automate a large part of the tissue culture processes, creating great efficiency for your business. We automate labor-intensive processes such as media dispensing, tray filling, vision grading, and transplanting.

Lab Automation

Lab equipment

We provide all equipment necessary to run your lab, such as laminar flow hoods, autoclaves, sterilization equipment, ovens and incubators and measuring instruments. We work closely together with our certified partners, and we test all materials in our own lab.

TC production software

We offer tracking & tracing software to supply all your products with the correct information down the supply chain. Plant tissue culture software can be used as a planning and calculation tool for data & stock management and barcode labeling.


With our team of experts we’ve got years of experience in-house, after working with some of the biggest labs in the world. With this knowledge, we can design each protocol that you might need, and we can assist you with training and consultancy.


Daan Mansveld | Global Sales Manager

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