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Rockwool production

Rockwool Automation

The cultivation of various vegetable plants for hot house production is carried out in rockwool blocks. Products such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants and zucchini all benefit from the cultivation on rockwool for optimal control.

Viscon provides specialized rockwool automation lines. The rockwool line can be modularly built and can include seeding in trays, planting, covering, watering, grading and grafting. To deliver the plants from the greenhouse Viscon has developed an ergonomic automated system for great efficiency in your process.

Our solutions

Rockwool planting line

Viscon provides automation solutions for a complete rockwool planting line, including watering, seeding, planting, covering, and transporting the blocks. These operations can all be carried out automatically using our universal planting line. We also provide grafting lines and highly specialized grading lines for high tech production of high quality young tomato plants.

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Greenhouse logistics

To deliver the plants from the greenhouse Viscon has developed an automated system. A pickup trolley will pick up the plants and place them into boxes at working height in a central place, creating great efficiency in your logistic process. Because the boxes are placed at an ergonomic working height, your staff benefits and can work more efficient.

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