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Stone fruit & Nuts

From young plant to retail-ready product

Viscon offers turnkey breeding laboratories in the young plant stage to guarantee high-quality young plant production. In the fresh produce handling stage, we automate the entire post-harvest process which is carefully designed for the fragile characteristics of soft fruit.

Viscon automation solutions range from tissue culture solutions, grafting, seeding and transplanting to irrigation and internal transport systems for young plant production. Next to that, Viscon designs, builds and integrates complete packing areas to process fresh produce carefully and precisely. Viscon Factory Intelligence software connects all automation equipment and offers full process control and traceability.


Breeding solutions

Viscon provides plant propagation systems and automation solutions for plant breeders. We offer a reliable, scalable and safe way to help you select and develop the best starting material.

Our system is one of the cleanest production methods available. Plants grow in LED trolleys in climate-controlled chambers. The semi-perforated cultivation consumables preclude the spreading of diseases. In addition, we aim to automate every step in the breeding and young plant stage.

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Tissue culture labs

Whether experienced with tissue culture or new to the plant tissue culture world, we provide everything to build a complete cutting-edge tissue culture laboratory.

We provide a turnkey solution from the design of your facility to climate-controlled propagation rooms, labor-saving automation, lab equipment, growing consumables and protocol development.

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Young plant automation

Viscon Plant Technology provides turnkey solutions for automating any young plant production process. We design and manufacture our machines from stand-alone units to complete production lines to automate all labor-intensive processes.

We offer fully automated production lines with filling, seeding, (de)stacking, transplanting, watering and vision grading machines. Our logistic handling systems, potted plant transportation, soil handling, irrigation systems and track & trace delivery systems create the optimal flow in your nursery.

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Post-harvest, packing & storage

Fruit requires specialized automation since it damages easily, and with that in mind Viscon has developed gentle solutions to handle these delicate and high-value products.

Complete packing areas are designed by Viscon to process fresh produce carefully and with optimal precision. Viscon offers a wide range of harvesting, grading, processing, weighing, packing, palletizing, and warehousing systems, including all customized additional material handling solutions.

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Industrial washing

Through our partner Unifortes, we offer quality cleaning solutions. Unifortes is strongly represented in the horticultural sector worldwide. Working with some of the biggest plant cultivators resulted in significant knowledge of the washing needs throughout the industry.

Unifortes developed a wide range of highly efficient and hygienic washing installations for all product carriers used in the horticulture industry. The portfolio ranges from stand-alone cleaning units to fully integrated cleaning solutions with filtration and drying systems.

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Traceability & control software

As part of our integrated solution, Viscon’s Factory Intelligence software gives you optimal control and management of your entire logistical process.

This next generation of software intelligently integrates all automation functions. It offers product traceability and unlocks performance optimization. This allows our customers to get the most out of their production facility. The software incorporates the functionality of MES, WCS and WMS and can be integrated with existing systems such as ERP.

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Soft fruit on a large scale

To ensure the highest quality of plants, we provide turn-key tissue culture laboratories. For the young plants, we supply seeding and transplanting machines that are industry leading in terms of speed and accuracy. Fully automatic irrigation systems effortlessly supply even the largest of greenhouses. And everything can be seamlessly connected through Viscon’s internal transport solutions.

Post-harvest, we have established an array of automation equipment that handles the product with the silk touch that is required to maintain the integrity and quality of soft fruit. Solutions include specialized equipment for grading, weighing, packing, palletizing, as well as box, punnet and pallet handling. 

Gentle solutions to handle delicate products

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