Making technology accessible for growers worldwide!

The increase in the world population results in an increase in demand for quality food. Making local growers in less developed countries successful is a responsibility of the entire industry worldwide. We believe that sharing technology and knowledge about the cultivation of young plants will help farmers worldwide to achieve better yields.

In young plant production, the first phase is the most important one. If anything goes wrong during cultivation, the young plants will constantly encounter problems during the growing process. In the end, this will result in lower yields. GrowPact supplies a full package to start and improve the cultivation of young plants for growers with minimal resources and challenging growing conditions. We deliver all the necessary tools and knowledge needed for the cultivation process of young plants. All the smart technologies from high-tech machines used in modern facilities are made available in fully manual machines.

The Green Toolbox will contain:

Making technology accessible for growers worldwide!

Together with our partners we developed a special greenhouse with all growing essentials. Participants of the GrowPact program will receive two containers loaded with cultivation technology and essential materials for the successful growth of young plants.

These containers are not only a toolbox full of materials, they will also serve as a full concept greenhouse, a germination chamber and a storage facility as well. A controlled environment to protect your young plants is highly important for a great finish.

Education as foundation

Technology can be useless when applied the wrong way. Therefore we have created the Growpact Academy, in which the best Dutch growers support these starting growers with all the education and support they will need.

Does it really work?

One of the many success stories of GrowPact can be found in Kitale, Kenya. If you want to know more about the impact GrowPact has for farmers around the world, take the time to look at this testimonial from Joshua Mugendi Njiru.

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Get in touch

Contact our specialist Stijn de Hoon directly.

Phone: +31 (0) 78 673 9898


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