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Working safely with machines is essential to prevent accidents on the work floor and increase the job satisfaction of your employees.

As a manufacturer of a large number of different automation projects, Viscon can help you improve the safety of your existing machinery. Our experienced Machine Safety Experts distinguish themselves with their technical knowledge and practical translation in the guidance and realization of safety adjustments.

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Rutger Rennings | Certified Machine Safety Expert

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5 tips for machine safety

1.  Provide proper safety shielding

Machines often have guards such as hoods or railings to prevent access to moving parts. Unfortunately, these are sometimes removed for temporary work and not replaced, or even end up being lost. Therefore, make sure that the shields are in order. We can repair them for you or discuss safe alternatives if you find the barriers less practical.

2.  Ensuring properly functioning safety facilities

Ensure that safety equipment functions properly and check them regularly. Unfortunately, practice shows that these are sometimes disabled or otherwise manipulated. Often with the best intentions of the employees to disrupt production as little as possible. If you notice problems, talk to employees to determine the cause and look for practical solutions together. We can support you and advise you on practical safety solutions.

3.  Safe cleaning, troubleshooting and maintenance

Unsafe handling of machines often occurs due to personnel changes, changing circumstances or loss of manuals. As machine designers, we can advise you on training your staff and adapting machines if necessary. Of course, you can also do this yourself by drawing up clear procedures and ensuring the correct use of the machines.

4.  Create an overview of machine operating area

Large, confusing operating areas can lead to unsafe use of machines. Especially when production pressure is high, employees sometimes want to start a machine without knowing that a colleague is in an operating area. To create a better overview, you can, for example, install mirrors or platforms and draw up clear working procedures. Here too, we can advise you on all kinds of measures against the unexpected start-up of machine lines.–

5.  Safe access to machinery is essential

Has your production line been expanded over the years, or have you acquired other walking routes in your company? It may then happen that machines are no longer easily accessible for interventions, cleaning or maintenance. You can draw up work plans for this, which may require the use of scaffolding, aerial work platforms or stairs and platforms, but we can also advise you on safe access options, such as separating operating areas. This can even increase your

Rutger Rennings – Expert in machine safety

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Are you looking for support regarding machine safety? Contact our advisor for a no-obligation consultation visit and an analysis of the safety measures within your machine park.