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Cultivation of lettuce in end-packaging

The cultivation of crops has been around since the beginning of humanity with many technological breakthroughs along the way. We have automated processes, we have found ways to protect crops from insects and bacteria and we have developed facilities to feed whole communities by one farmer.

But what is the next step? What is the next great invention to make the cultivation of crops even more efficient, more sustainable and safer for both consumers and the environment? The answer can be found in vertical farming, combined with the latest technology in product packaging: ViVi Verte. The first ‘look, no hands!’ lettuce in the world!

The importance of controlled production

The ViVi Verte system finds its origin in the Plant Tissue Culture where controlling risks and hygiene are the main principles. The system works with multilayer LED light for vegetable cultivation. The packaging of the product forms the ‘beating heart’ of the system. The plant grows in its end packaging straight from the start. The packaging is completely clean and provides a micro system where humidity, carbon dioxide, temperature, light intensity and nutrition are fully controlled. From start to finish the product remains in the packaging, which is a sterile mini-greenhouse itself. All these factors ensure an extremely safe and clean product.

Vertical farming

The ViVi plants are grown in the highly specialized ViCabin: a controlled environment of vertical cultivation with LED light. Multi layer cultivation with LED light panels makes it possible to save costs on the number of plants per square meter. The plants can be cultivated in vertical layers, which have less than one foot distance between each other.

During production no one needs to touch the product. From start to finish, the product remains in its packaging. It is not even necessary to have an extended expertise in cultivating plants. The ViCabin does not depend on environmental factors either, so you basically are able to produce anywhere on the globe. Draughts, floods or other natural disasters are no threat to the growth of the plants. The simplicity of this production method is an enormous benefit.


Minimal use of water

The amount of water needed to grow crops in greenhouses or in the field is a worldwide concern these days. There is no system in the world which uses as little water as ViVi Verte. In comparison, the amount of water needed to grow one plant in a greenhouse is about 70 liters. Grown on hydroponics a plant will need 7 liter before it can be harvested. With ViVi Verte the plant is provided with the exact amount of water it needs, which is just half a liter per plant.

ViVi Verte

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Global Sales Manager | Cultivation Technologies

Daan Mansveld

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