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A revolutionary system for sticking of cuttings

What is AutoStix?

AutoStix® is a revolutionary system to automate the process of sticking cuttings. Together with one of the biggest cutting producers in the world, we developed AutoStix® to create great efficiency in your nursery. This turnkey concept consists of a unique transplanter-strip-tray combination to help you get through peak season. AutoStix® can achieve capacities of up to 12,000 cuttings per hour and is available with various strips and machine configurations.



Peak seasons

AutoStix® is a turn-key concept which helps you get the job done in the 10-12 weeks during peak season when millions of cuttings need to get stuck.

Ease of use

Visual check

The strip makes counting cuttings easier. Workers can see at a glance the uniformity and number of cuttings in the strip: no more short or overfilled bags.



The automated sticking process removes the challenge of finding and training a workforce at the rooting stations where seasonal staff is more difficult to find.


Turn-key solution
with strip and machine

How it works

Key to the concept is the unique AutoStix® Strip. The cuttings harvested from the mother stock can be directly stuck into the strip and shipped at high densities while maintaining quality. The strip enables high-capacity transplanting without damaging the plants. Because of the strip’s unique character, the cell will degrade over time. Plants can be stored for extended periods in the AutoStix® Trays, which helps break the transplanting peaks. Various strips and machine configurations for unrooted & bare-root cuttings are available depending on the type of plants and product carrier.
AutoStix - Transplanting Strips

AutoStix Strip

The AutoStix® strip is designed to enhance and guide the development of the root system. The strip is made of a material that degrades over time. It can firmly hold cuttings with different stem diameters without damaging the soft tissue. It is available in 34 count strips for big, large stem diameters up to 9,5mm (3/8″), and 51 count strips for small, thin stem diameters up to 4,5mm (1/8″).  The strips are also available in ST versions for shorter and/or thinner stems.

AutoStix Multimedia strip

The unique AutoStix® Multimedia strip is designed to be filled with any media type. The cuttings’ rooting process occurs as soon as they are inside the plug at the mother stock location. The strip is USDA approved to be sent to growers in the US, providing growers with another revolution in automatic transplanting.

AutoStix Transplanter

The AutoStix® transplanter can be equipped with three or six grippers and combine speed with accuracy to achieve a capacity of respectively 6,000 and 12,000 cuttings per hour. Various configurations of the Autostix® transplanter can be used to transplant cuttings into trays, pots, and pots in trays.

Autostix Tray

The AutoStix® Tray improves storability for the plants. Once the plants arrive at the grower, each strip can be positioned in a small layer of water. The stem will be in a film of water, and the rest of the plant will stay dry. Plants can be stored like this over a specific period to help break the transplanting peaks.
AutoStix - Plant cutting strip for automated transplanting

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