Viscon Group introduces her new retail division: AimFresh! AimFresh focuses on innovative ideas for packaging and accessories for plants & fresh produce in retail online and in stores. Why? We believe fresh products deserve a little more attention to shine more in stores and in homes.

AimFresh is a team of young marketeers, designers and dreamers who aim to inspire a new generation to grow their own fresh products. The ‘grow-your-own experience’ should be as easy as it can be! That’s why we focus on the best consumer journey. We think about the look & feel of our products, in-store displays and visualization of our how-to-use instructions. Everything a modern consumer wants and expects.

AimFresh is a Viscon Group company. Viscon Group designs production lines for production processes in Agro & Food. This helps the AimFresh to design packaging & accessories which are created with the entire supply chain in mind: starting with the producers and ending in standard retail logistics.

With our different retail brands with all their own expertise and focus we want to accomplish an innovative wave of packaging & accessories for plants & vegetables in retail.


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