New hand foam dispenser save 70% on sanitizer

As our economy and society are able to look forward again, Unifortes seeks new safety measures to provide a clean future. “We wanted a long lasting solution that would be able to accommodate more than the regular, yet easier in its usage. With this formula will earn itself back in the long run, by saving up to 70% on sanitizer.” Unifortes launches UNIQ Foam Dispenser at the start of the reopening of businesses.

A solid long lasting solution

“As the name suggests, this product is unique in its foam and unique in its appearance. A robust low maintenance foam dispenser, made out of stainless steel that’s in no need of power. The UNIQ Oxy Foam powder formula comes in small bottles that, diluted with water, ensures up to 5000 disinfection doses per unit,” states the team.

“We’re very pleased to present the UNIQ Foam Dispenser as an addition to the current core business of Unifortes in (industrial) cleaning systems. With a unique, patented technology, we’re convinced that this hand sanitizing unit is the perfect solution for every occasion. By researching, testing and combining forces, this product line will serve both small businesses as well as complete crowds. We’re not providing a temporary solution with the usual sanitizer – where soap, water and paper towels are needed. We’re promising a unique and long-lasting dispenser for any circumstance,” say Rene de Vos and Rien Kranendonk, the founders of Unifortes.

Sustainable and easy to use

“Derived from natural and 100% organic ingredients, the UNIQ Oxy Foam has the same disinfectant effects as 80% alcohol, without drying out the skin. By adding Jojoba-oil with a wonderful mixture of natural antioxidants, Vitamin E and important fatty acids, hand moisture balance is regulated leaving the skin feeling hydrated. The foam’s viscosity increases its effectiveness, prevents any waste of product and contamination of the room/area,” says the team with Unifortes.

Be three steps ahead

“Aiming towards a clean future, Unifortes is here to help you out. This UNIQ Foam Dispenser will accommodate clean hands for every occasion. Be three steps ahead of the current temporary sanitize solutions and protect your business with UNIQ,” say Rene and Rien.

UNIQ Foam Dispenser | Production

Unifortes – UNIQ Foam Dispenser

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