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Transplanting line

The Manual transplanting line has 16 workstations, eight on each side. Each working table provides space for one employee and is adjustable in angle for improved ergonomics. Includes the possibility to stick a label with a QR code in the tray.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to operate
  • Trace & trace available
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Manual transplanting line

The Manual Transplanting Line has eight stop sets; two opposite employees use each station. When a tray is removed, a new one will come to that position, so a tray is always available to achieve maximum plant capacity.

After planting, the employee can stick a label with a QR code in the tray. This label shows specific information such as plant type, date, employee, etc. This provides management with information such as daily production numbers.

When the tray is finished, the tray is placed on the top belt and dispatched. After this, the tray is automatically scanned, and all information from the QR code is saved. After scanning, the tray passes a watering unit and is placed on a trolley to be transported to the greenhouse.

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Sticking line for cuttings

Why choose the manual sticking line?

Including QR codes for track & trace data!

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