Viscon Logistics BV


When producing a product, at a certain point, this specific product needs to be moved through an organisation, stored in a warehouse, but it also needs to be retained easily once positioned at its location. Either goods need to be sorted or picked from a warehouse for further transport,
or they need to be available for an internal process. These processes all need to occur fast, reliable and simple.
Viscon Logistics provides smart and efficient solutions in both large and average sized companies. We can design a cost efficient process for storing products, sorting products and order picking products.
Viscon Logistics can design a solution in an existing warehouse or can design an entirely new company. Our success engineers can consult and provide an optimal logistic flow. We will take care of the total project management from concept to commissioning product lines, so customers can focus on the quality of their products.

Viscon is able to design suitable carriers for every type of product, including crates, boxes, pallets and racks. This opens up opportunities for products or goods that otherwise would be impossible to process automatically. Viscon also provides cleaning technologies to create an extensively clean environment and logistic process.
We welcome our customers to visit our company or one of our projects to get inspired for the next step in the success of their company. In a partnership we dream up the best logistic solutions!

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