Visser & Mayer now join forces!

Quality suppliers Visser & Mayer join hands in a global collaboration. Mayer specializing in soil preparation & filling and Visser specializing in all handling regarding young plant production, make for great partners in international horticultural projects. Both companies are under new management since 2014. Thomas Bassmann & René de Vos see many opportunities in combining…

Fresh Ambitions!

Interview with Looije’s Mervyn Noordam Near the end of January of 2014, the tomato grower known as Looije, took a brave and ambitious step and moved their expanded office and packing area to Naaldwijk (The Westland, Netherlands). The renowned company that supplies the exclusive ‘Honey Tomatoes®’, continues to invest in the future. The impressive new…

First place Siemens Application Award!

October 1st, 2014 The Siemens team visited the Viscon Group to officially announce that its’ Matrix Storage System won first place in Siemens application competition. The creativity and innovativeness of the Matrix System, drew the attention of many voters on the Siemens website. Currently the Dutch based Siemens website announced the award winners, but in…

Sneak preview: Live Embryo Detection™!

Viscon Hatchery Automation will launch a revolutionary new product line during VIV Europe. The Vinovo Select Line is equipped with unique features such as heartbeat technology, accurate in ovo vaccination and transfer of eggs with new hygiene enhancing gripper technology. Designed with the highest standards of biosecurity in mind, this line contributes to optimal hatching results and helps to improve animal welfare. Hereby we would like to give you a sneak preview of the first machine in line:

Revolutionary introduction!

This new product line carries the new Viscon brand Vinovo. This product line will focus on new technologies and production processes that will improve health and welfare of chicks, starting from the earliest stage in the hatchery. The new Vinovo Select Line is equipped with unique features which improve hygiene, accuracy and efficiency during 1. Live Embryo Detection, 2. in-ovo vaccination and 3. transfer of eggs from setter trays into hatcher baskets.